The Fabric Workshop & Museum

2023, Capsule Collection and Retail Website

A gem of the Philly arts and culture community, The Fabric Workshop & Museum was looking for help telling the story of their renowned residency program through a new state of the art retail website and capsule collection. They needed thought partners who could incorporate more storytelling into the digital experience, bringing the core underlying ethos of FWM to a wider audience.

Paying homage to the act of making, our collection for FWM features playful illustrations of essential tools of the textile trade. Vibrant drawings of Corinthian columns reference the museum’s pop facade designed by the celebrated Philadelphia-based architects and past Artists-in-Residence, Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates. Merch messaging encourages fun for fun’s sake while referencing the store’s limited edition collections made by visiting Artists-in-Residence.

Creating the store’s retail website began with our core strategic concept, contagious creativity. We were inspired by the palpable artistic energy felt onsite at FWM, especially evident in the layered designs left on print tables from decades of experimentation. We extended our graphic language to the digital space through a color palette derived from these prints to create a sense of whimsy and eclecticism.

The new digital experience showcases the creative process, allowing the user to search by featured artists, artist editions, and other distinct offerings such as yardage and yardage-designed products. We also incorporated behind the scenes videos to better tell the stories behind the work and inspire a deeper dive into the collection.

Role: Graphic Designer
Studio: L+L
Creative Directors: Leigh Mignogna and Liz Turow
Client: The Fabric Workshop & Museum
Photography: Carlos Avendeño Styling: Olivia Dwyer